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Tired of Overflowing Receipts?

 We will take care of not only your overflowing receipts, but recording all of your expenses & more!  We will send you monthly reports so you know just how your company is doing. We customize our services to meet your needs, so if you do not see a service, simply call and I am sure we can help you.  We are Bookkeepers, yet affordable through our package pricing, rather than hourly billable rates. We take care of those time consuming tasks that do not earn you money, and allow you to be free to do what you do best – Your Business!

Give us a call today (804-723-5491), so that we can begin taking care of your Bookkeeping needs!

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Bookkeeping Packages 

  • Set Up Bookkeeping Package * (Set Up Package):  $269
    • Set Up Your QuickBooks Online Account (or Freshbooks)
    • Connect Your Bank
    • 1 Hour Consultation to Demonstrate 
    • Additional Hours needed will be added expense
    • For Micro/Small Businesses Only
  • Silver Bookkeeping Package*:  $259
    • Monthly Bank Rec. for ONE Business Account
    • Expense Reporting
    • Send Monthly P & L Report
    • Monthly Balance Sheet
    • And More
  • Gold Bookkeeping Package:  $359
    • Monthly Bank Rec for ONE Business Account
    • Monthly Balance Sheet
    • P & L Reports monthly
    • Credit Card Reconciliation
    • Expense Reporting
    • Graphs & Charts
    • Chart of Account Printouts
    • and More
  • Platinum Bookkeeping Package**:  $459
    • Collect and record all expenses
    • Expense Reporting
    • Monthly Balance Sheet
    • Monthly Company Checkbook Reconciliation for ONE Business Account
    • Provide Quarterly Balance Sheet
    • Send monthly P & L Report
    • May include up to 2 Bank accounts
    • May include credit card reconciliations
    • Monthly Consults as needed
    • If additional services are needed, we can discuss whether included
    • And More

               *If you are a new business and need everything set up, this is an additional fee (if choosing a monthly     package you will not have to pay the full price of the set up package), please call for details.

               **Should you need anything outside of this package, please call to find out if we can help you.

               We do not provide payroll services at this time, yet are happy to work with your bank or other local banks to assist you in making sure payroll is provided through one of these services. 

Freshbooks Certified & QuickBooks Online Qualified

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