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We believe you have a great business; it is just a matter of putting you in front your ideal customer with the right graphics and the right content. That is what we are here to do for you. We will give you a holistic approach, or a piece of the puzzle, depending on your need and your budget. We customize all Digital Marketing Services for you, making unique content that is shareable and reaches your audience.

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Digital Marketing really begins with your BRAND. We can help you with all from Logo to Colors to Building Your Brand. Branding is made up of many components including:


✔ Evaluation

✔ Build Awareness

✔ Products

✔ Printed Materials

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Social Media Services

Social Media marketing should be a Part of your Digital or Online Marketing. We can help promote your brand through social media, from strategy to management to content, we are here to help you.

➢ Social Media



Content-Curation & Creation

Budget Friendly-Social Media Packages-For Your Start Up or Small to Mid-Size Business



Celebrating the New Year – 2017


    • Set Up Special:  Beginner’s Set Up Package*: Regularly Priced: $299/month  Limited Time Price: $249/One Time Fee

      • Set up all business profiles on up to 4 (four) social media platform sites – up to 2 pictures on each [usually profile pic & banner*]
      • Create log ins and passwords (if needed)
      • Do One Initial post (client provided)
      • Teach client how to post (if need) up to a one hour session
      • Support for 30 days [Keep an eye on the account, fix any problems (within my ability);Does NOT Include Posting]
      • *This is NOT an ongoing retainer package – it is a One Time Project Package (invoiced once only)
    • Silver Social Media Posting Package**: Regularly Priced: $279/Monthly  Limited Time Price: $249/Monthly
      • Post 1 time per day on each social platform* [Monday through Friday ONLY]
      • Social Media Calendar
      • Scheduling of Curate Content**
      • Monthly Report Provided
      • *4 Platforms Only (to be approved by client & provider)
      • **Created Content may be an additional fee
    • Gold Social Media Posting Package*: Regularly Priced: $399/month  Limited Time Price: $349/Monthly
      • Post 1-2 times per day on each site*(Twitter may be more)  [Monday through Friday ONLY]
      • Scheduling of Created** & Curated Content
      • Monthly Report Provided
      • Notifications once daily of comments & responses
      • Does not include responses to Notifications
      • Ongoing Monthly Support
      • *4 – 6 Platforms Only
      • **Created Content may be an additional fee
    • Platinum Premium Social Media Package***: Regularly Priced: $529/month  Limited Time Price: $459/Monthly

      • Gold Package+
      • Management of profile (update profile when needed)
      • Post daily, minimum twice, sometimes three or more depending on platform** [Sunday to Saturday; Weekends will be scheduled only]
      • Personal replies on your behalf to any comments/feedback on post (as client directed/scripted & desired) – up to 3 on each post [after that will discuss if it is better for client to review; does not include responses on weekends]
      • Digital Marketing Strategy, which will include ways to help with brand awareness, best practices for social media, suggested groups and responses to notifications & more (if client wants TOS to be active, on their behalf, in group there will be an additional fee; as well as, if ‘Branding’ is requested specifically)
      • Social Media Management & Monitoring
      • Daily Notifications
      • Ongoing Monthly Support
      • Monthly Report Provided
      • *Posting & Scheduling Up to 8 Platforms Client may need to pay extra for scheduling tool, depending on the one being used)
  1. We offer a More Personal, Guided approach for Your Social Media and look forward to assisting you build your tribe!

Ending Note: Our retainer Clients receive regular reporting so you know how your brand and posts are doing. We believe in a personal, transparent approach, while working hand with you, to obtain the results you desire. No matter what your need is we can help you.



Video Creation - TammysOffices.com

See Our YouTube Channel:

Tammy’s Office Solutions YouTube Channel

Videos have become a very important part of digital marketing. We can assist you in putting your brand and company out in front of others through a number of mediums, but video has the most impact. Depending on your brand, you can use humor, seriousness, social causes and more to evoke emotion and impact with the use of video. We can help you to do simple videos that can bring a big response. The following are the types of videos we currently offer:


✔ Digital Videos

✔ Animated Videos

✔ Videos Featuring You

Note: We do not make ‘Commercials’ or commercial quality videos. Our videos for you are for promotion on your website, landing/lead pages and YouTube accounts, as well as, for posting on social media.  Please see Examples of Tammy’s Video, Animated Video & Client Video.  These are just a few, some of which were made a few years ago and the art has come a long way since, so we can help you with a variety of types of videos.  Please call 804-723-5491 to inquire more about these.

Website Creations

At the heart of every marketing campaign is a ‘Call To Action’. Many calls to actions point the visitor to your website or a landing/lead page. If your website is not what it needs to be to express what you are offering, it does no good to spend money on marketing. We always suggest evaluating your website to be sure it is functioning properly, contains all of the information a visitor may need, calls to action within the site as well as, good content. If you need any help with this, we are glad to set up a great, modern and responsive website for you. This may include the following:

  • Logo
  • eCommerce
  • Content Writing
  • Optimized Relevant Pictures
  • Video and/or link to YouTube
  • New Website
  • Rebuild Website
  • Links to your Social Media
  • Links to your Blog or can implement a Blog site
  • And Much More….

Call for details and pricing please. Pricing starts as low as $850