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Hello World…It’s Monday – What is Your Attitude

Hello World…It’s Monday and What is Your Attitude?

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Hello World…it’s a Monday! Do you greet this with ‘Ugh’ another week? Or are you the type that wakes with excitement, ready to greet the week ahead?  Does your Attitude really matter?  Articles and studies have shown that those with positive attitudes have multiple benefits including:

  1. Living Longer
  2. Succeed in Business
  3. Create Opportunities for Themselves
  4. Overall Happiness in Life*
  5. Produces Motivation*
  6. Better Relationships*
  7. Overall Increased Health Benefits*

and much more.  Remez Sasson says: “People who think positively are usually more energetic and healthy than people who think negatively. They are happier, and this of course, affects their health.”

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So does this get you going on this Monday and give you reasons to be positive this today? Mr. Sasson even says that people with a positive attitude EXPECT SUCCESS!  I know I expect it, how about you.

Where are you today in attitude, motivation and overall success.  If you need a little help to get rid of some of things weighing you down, just give us a call to get them off of your ‘to do’ list today.  That is one way to feel a little more positive. When we are weighed down and overwhelmed with responsibilities and ‘to do’ lists that go on forever, it almost seems that we just cannot get ahead.  So, why not reach out to ask for some help, it is actually less expensive than you might think. It is certainly less expensive than hiring in house support services.

I am hoping you begin with a positive attitude today. One of the ways that helps me begin with a positive attitude is having my ‘to do’ list ready prior to the next day’s business, counting my blessings (truly thinking about the relationships that are blessing you) and starting my day with the One who created it all, God. Seriously spending time with Him, helps me tremendously to begin looking outside of myself and my problems and looking out and through His eyes and His wisdom.

Thank you for reading and hope you choose to be Positive today.  You never know whose life you may change!  We love feedback so please leave comments.

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