A Quick Easy Way To The Top Of Search Engines

Written by Tammy Durden

Blogging Your Way To The Top:

Everyone would like to be on Google’s top three organic place holders for their keyword(s) in the search engine, but find it difficult to do. One quick easy way I’ve discovered to accomplish this is by writing blog articles. Yes, you can blog your way to the top of the search engines. It is easy, but it is not without work entirely. Doing research, using software tools, and good writing skills make it an achievable goal. How do I know this? Simply, because I’ve accomplished it for myself and more importantly with our clients. They have gone from back pages on search engines to the top three (under ads) on Google! Let’s dig into it further so you can use this quick easy way to the top of the search engines.

Search engine optimization is a science in itself and I do not claim any to be an expert, but there are some tips that have been picked up along my journey. This does not negate the need for SEO experts and some who may need deeper work on their website. It is only one way to help rank in the top searches. As simple as it sounds, writing blog articles using keywords can help a website come up in the top rank places on Google.

To The Top Using Keywords

How can the use of keywords rank on Google’s front page? Think of the words put into Google Search every day. When looking for anything online, what is the first thing we do? Go right to Google Search and begin typing what we are looking for at that time. It can be one word, but most likely it is a string of words to describe the need at the moment in time.

This holds true for prospective clients looking for services and/or products. A good approach to this is through simple easy to use research and tools. And knowing the keyword(s) that prospective clients will use to find the services and/or products offered. Be mindful of not always using the top searched words, especially if just starting out, as it could be difficult to rank in those. Often using keywords that are lower in the number of searches can help us land the higher ranks. It must be balanced. Remember to also use these words on the website’s pages, but that is an article for another day.

Search Engine Tools

Another tool, besides Wordtracker, I like to use when I begin my blog is Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer. When starting the blog, if there is a title in mind, it can simply be entered into this tool. The Headline Analyzer will run the title through an algorithm to score it and even gives a preview of how it will look on Google with possible results (see below for a sample title I tried).

Another approach is to use the keyword and allow another tool, the Title Generator, to help create a title for the article. If stuck or simply need help with a title this is a great way to create one that will give good results.

“When it comes to optimizing a website or a blog post, there are two main factors at play:

1. On-page optimization
2. Off-page optimization

According to Harsh Agrawal of Shout Me Loud

Writing Focused On Search Engines

After discovering the best keywords and a great title for the blog, the next step, of course, is writing it. While writing the article, another great tool to utilize that has not only helped me become a better writer but also helps correct me when I make an error, is the tool Grammarly. When installed, it corrects my email writing, blogging, other articles, and even social media posts! I highly recommend it (and no, I do not receive anything for telling you about this tool).

Search Engines & Your Site’s Backend

After the article is finished and proofed, the next thing is to do all of the backend steps. This would include adding the keywords, the metatag description, a category and more. The best tool to help with this, in my opinion, is a plugin called YoastSEO. It not only guides me to remind me of the needed SEO items, but it also grades my writing (although sometimes I wish it did not – haha). Along with the mentioned tool above, this has significantly helped me hone my writing skills. These two tools can help most anyone, whether they believe themselves to be a terrible writer or think they have intermediate writing skills.

Add Categories For Search Engines

After discussing the keywords, metatag description and writing, then the only other thing is the ‘category’. A category should be marked to help readers find articles easily that they are interested in when visiting a website. According to Barb Henry, a Website Designer, there should be no more than a total of 10 categories on the website, although I think she would like to see much less. Consider prospective clients again and what they will search for and how they need to find the blog articles written, then create the categories accordingly.

Headings and Titles

Lastly, do not forget to add in your Header and Subheading titles. It seems obvious, but you would be surprised at how many do not do this. The reader needs this to break up the written word and Google needs it to crawl your article to better understand how it should be listed and ranked. This simple small thing can play a significant role in your SEO.

Help For Reaching The Top of Search Engines

If you still need help, there are many companies and freelancers who offer services and will write blogs and post them (or just post if only need the backend help). Not all blog writers focus on keywords or do the back end portion of the SEO, be sure to ask. I only mention this so that you do your research to know what you will receive for the price if looking for these services. Of course, we also offer these blog writing – SEO Focus services. If we can help you please reach out to us.

Thank you for reading as I appreciate it more than you know. Please give us feedback and input into topics you want to hear about or ask questions!

Tammy S Durden Founder & CEO of Tammy's Office Solutions

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