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Your Business Needs to Be Online and Have an Online Presence!



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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing – “The marketing of products or services using digital channels to reach consumers. The key objective is to promote brands through various forms of digital media.” -Google Search 




In our digital world, Your Business Really Needs to Be Online with an online presence. 




Social Media Manager - Influence - Audience


We have been helping business just like your’s for over 10 year



We Know…


You Don’t Have Time

Don’t See the Need

You Are Too Busy

 You Do Not Understand How to Use It 


or Many Other Reasons Why

You Are Not On Social Media with Your Business

this is why…






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Offering New Social Media Packages Including Created Content 

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-Social Media Packages Below Do Not Include Create Content and You Will Be Responsible to Create Your Own Content on a Regular Consistent Manner to Provide to Tammy’s Team to Post on Your Behalf to Your Social Media Platforms-

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Supporting YOU as You Grow 




Social Media Services



Curating Content for Your Target Audience 





Presenting You in a Real & Genuine Voice



Reflecting Your Message



social media; digital marketing

Social Media Services

[Does Not Included Content Creation – click CREATE to see Package that Include Created Content]

Social Media Marketing MUST Be A Part of Your Overall


Marketing Strategy  In Today’s Business


No Longer just an ‘Option’


Smart Companies are making Social Media


Cornerstone of  their Marketing Strategies


We give you a custom approach


from a TEAM with Integrity who recognizes Your Value


and will assist you in Promoting


Your message – In Your Voice – on Social Media!



TammysOffices - SocialMedia - Reaching-Your-Audience-with-Relevant-Content


We Want to Help You Get Your Voice


Out to Your Ideal Client Audience


In A Genuine and Authentic Voice



To Bring You






Views, Connections, Engagements & Shares



From Strategy to Content – We Have You Covered for Social Media


See Our




Budget Friendly




-Social Media Packages-


Find the Right One For Your


Start Up  Small Business  Mid-Size – Enterprise Business


*The Following Packages Do NOT Include Content Creations, which is Highly Recommended.  To See our Package that Include Content Creation, Please Click Here.

Also Be Sure to See Our Case Studies  of Clients Who Have Been Using Our Social Media Services.



  2. Set Up Special – Beginner’s SETUP Package: $259 initial **SETUP ONLY**

  3. Does not include monthly management 

    • Set up all business profiles on up to 4 (four) social media platform sites – up to 2 pictures on each [usually profile pic* & banner* – provided by You]
    • Create logins and passwords (if needed)
    • Do One Initial post (client provided)
    • Teach YOU, the client, how to post (if need) in a ONE Hour Consultation/Training Session
    • Support for 15 days [After creation for anything we are responsible]
    • PLEASE NOTE:  This is NOT an ongoing retainer package (see below for ongoing support for social media – This is a One Time Project Package (invoiced once only)
  4. *If You Need us to Provide Pictures, Graphics or other Content it Could be an Additional Fee


  1. Silver Social Media Posting Package: ONLY $296/Monthly

  2.  Post Curated Content for Client on Each of Client’s Social Platforms (see below for number of platforms) [Monday through Friday ONLY]

    • Prepare Social Media Monthly Curated Content Calendar  (Approved by You)
    • Scheduling of Curate Content & Client Created Content*
    • Post 1 Curated Content per Day (Monday through Friday ONLY]
    • Create a Custom Quote Template
    • Create up to 4 Quote Posts per Month
    • Optimize Content Posts 
    • Daily Notification Reports of Engagement and Messages 
    • Monthly Analytic Report
    • Up to 3 Platforms  (to be approved by client & provider)
    • Monthly Strategy Meetings
    • Engagement Not Included in this Package
    • *Created Content (other than ‘Quote Posts’ that are included) is an Additional Fee
    • *Engagement is an Additional Fee



Gold Social Media Posting Package:  ONLY $379/month 

    • Post 1 times Per Day on Each Social Platform  [Monday through Friday ONLY]
    • Social Media Calendar – Content Calendar (Approved by You)
    • Scheduling of Curated Content & Client Created Content*
    • Create a Custom Quote Template
    • Create up to 4 Quote Posts per Month
    • Optimize Content Posts 
    • One Additional Piece of Created Content Each Month
    • Daily Notification Reports of Engagement & Messages
    • Includes Responses to Engagement (except comments)
    • Ongoing Monthly Support
    • Monthly Analytic Report Provided
    • Monthly Strategy Meetings
    • 4  Platforms Only (Approved by Client & Provider)
    • *Created Content (other than ‘Quote Posts’ that are included) Will Be an Additional Fee


  1. Platinum Premium Social Media Package: ONLY $569/month 

    • Management of profile (update profile when needed)
    • Post daily, minimum twice, on platform** [Sunday to Saturday; Weekends will be scheduled only]
    • Social Media Content Calendar  (Approved by You)
    • Scheduling of Curated Content & Client Created Content*
    • Create a Custom Quote Template
    • Create up to 4 Quote Posts per Month
    • Includes Responses to Engagement – to New Followers, Likes, Connections (by scripted content), Limited Comments in Engagement, but does Not Include Answering Messages or Direct Replies to Comments on Posts [You will be notified of these so you may respond directly]
    • Personal replies on your behalf to any comments/feedback on post (as client directed/scripted & desired) – up to 3 on each post [after that will discuss if it is better for client to review; does not include responses on weekends]
    • Detailed Digital Marketing Strategy, which will include ways to help with brand awareness, best practices for social media, suggested groups and responses to notifications & more (if client wants TOS to be active, on their behalf, in group there will be an additional fee; as well as, if ‘Branding’ is requested specifically)
    • Social Media Management & Monitoring
    • Daily Notification Reports of Engagement & Messages
    • Ongoing Monthly Support
    • Monthly Analytics Report Provided for Platforms
    • Monthly Strategy Meetings
    • Posting & Scheduling Up to 6 Platforms (if need more we can discuss)
    • *Only a Limited Number of Created Content Will Be Provided any Additional Will Be an Extra Fee
  1. We Put Your Message Out


to REACH Your



Ideal Clients


by helping you with…


Brand Awareness


Social Media Posting


Content – Curated and Created


Optimizing Content


Social Media Management


World Class Support


Analytics & Reports


Monthly Strategy Meetings


and More… 

 Our New Packages Coming Soon

and Will Include Created Content For Your Platforms!

Ending Note: All of Our retainer Clients receive regular reporting so you know how your brand and posts are doing. We believe in a personal, transparent approach, while working hand and hand with you, to obtain the results you desire. No matter what your need is we can help you.



Digital Marketing can include any of the following:


  • Building Brand Awareness






  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


  • and other

Client Case Study – Client A
Client Case Study – Client B
Client Case Study – Client C


Allowing us to take this off of Your Hands, will Free You Up to Do that Which You Do Best, 


 Work ON Your Business Not IN Your Business


See Our YouTube Channel:

Tammy’s Office Solutions YouTube Channel

Videos have become a very important part of digital marketing. We can assist you in putting your brand and company out in front of others through a number of mediums, but video has the most impact. Depending on your brand, you can use humor, seriousness, social causes and more to evoke emotion and impact with the use of video. We can help you to do simple videos that can bring a big response. The following are the types of videos we currently offer:


✔ Digital Videos

✔ Animated Videos

✔ Videos Featuring You

Note: We do not make ‘Commercials’ or commercial quality videos. Our videos for you are for promotion on your website, landing/lead pages and YouTube accounts, as well as, for posting on social media.  Please see Examples of Tammy’s Video, Animated Video & Client Video.  These are just a few, some of which were made a few years ago and the art has come a long way since, so we can help you with a variety of types of videos.  Please call 804-723-5491 to inquire more about these.

Website Creations

At the heart of every marketing campaign is a ‘Call To Action’. Many calls to actions point the visitor to your website or a landing/lead page. If your website is not what it needs to be to express what you are offering, it does no good to spend money on marketing. We always suggest evaluating your website to be sure it is functioning properly, contains all of the information a visitor may need, calls to action within the site as well as, good content. If you need any help with this, we are glad to set up a great, modern and responsive website for you. This may include the following:

  • Logo
  • eCommerce
  • Content Writing
  • Optimized Relevant Pictures
  • Video and/or link to YouTube
  • New Website
  • Rebuild Website
  • Links to your Social Media
  • Links to your Blog or can implement a Blog site
  • And Much More….

Call for details and pricing please. Pricing starts as low as $850

Social Media Case Studies of Three Clients: