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Our Story Begins With Our Heart Mission

& My Why…

To tell you how our story began I need to take you back a number of years to what has now become a big part of my ‘WHY’ or Passion.

I have years of  ‘Corporate’ experience in Retail Management, Accounting and Administrative (10 – 15 years+), prior to leaving, when the first of our three children was born.  I stayed home with the children, yet continued to keep up my skills and technology. I often worked part-time, usually from home before ‘virtual’ was  known as ‘virtual’.

So What Happened?

My Life Changed

In 2001, after being very ill, doing months of physical therapy to learn to walk to again & continuing to have undiagnosed ‘flares’, I was finally told by a reknowed specialist that had Multiple Sclerosis. This started my family’s first ‘New Normal’.

This is the reason for my disability and why I understand better than most, the need in the disabled community for work.

A Little More About Multiple Sclerosis if You are Interested in Knowing More:  MS is a multiple symptom disease and every person has varying symptoms.  One of the many ways it has affected me is that it became increasingly difficult to work outside of our home (although I certainly attempted it).  It Can Affect Each Person With Different Symptoms.  Some of the Common Symptoms of MS include:  balance issues, fatigue, walking (gait) difficulty, numbness or tingling, weakness, muscle spasms, dizziness & vertigo, bladder issues, some have vision issues and others have all of these and more.  The Less Common Symptoms can include: Speech difficulties, swallowing problems, tremors, seizures, breathing problems, itching (pruritis), headache & hearing loss.

A New Journey & A New Vision

After moving to Virginia, in 2008, I was initially motivated to go back to work because, like many, we needed the additional income.  I began helping a local professional with lead generation and virtual assistant services.  So, when this professional’s colleagues began asking where he was getting these leads, he referred them to me.  This was the beginning of our Company.

I truly did not set out to begin a business. 

In fact, I did not even realize that I had actually created a company until months later.

When I finally had that Ah ha’ moment, and realized that I was creating a business, I also, nearly immediately, realized that the same need existed for many other disabled professionals.  The NEED to Work from Home and Be Able to Earn Income by the Use of their Many Skills.  So Many Disable Professionals have Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree, Certifications and more, yet are still unable to work because work is not accessible to many disabled.

We Are Changing The Way Disabled Professionals are Allowed to Earn Income & Work.  We Are Making An Impact & We Hoping to Change The World Around Us.


Many intelligent, highly skilled professionals, who happen to be disabled are simply trying to support themselves and their families.

I hoped, as our Company grew, I could begin to offer OPPORTUNITIES for work to other Disabled Professionals.  I believe that we even had the potential to help them and their families, possibly changing their lives (if I dare dream big enough)!

My Entrepreneurial Journey had begun

I connected with people and organizations, as well as, State & Government divisions that might be able to help us with my Vision to Empower Disabled Professionals.  

This is why I began to do business a little different – well let’s face it – Much Differently, but much more Fulfilling! 




I began to 'do business' a little different. In fact, a little better, because I began with a true Passion to Help You, as a Business Owner, with Your Success, as well as, Empower DisABLED Professionals to work virtually, from home offices!Click To Tweet


“The unemployment rate for the disabled community is significantly higher than that of the general population.  In fact, for the blind & visually impaired the rate is over 90%.”

Disabled Unemployment Rates

When I learned THIS, my Heart SCREAMED: 


I truly believe that our company model (if also implemented by other Companies, Counties, States & the Government)  can make a difference, not only in the businesses we HELP,  but also in the lives of our Professionals, and eventually, in our Communities, States and Nation!



#1 – To Provide You, Our Client, with Quality & Professional Virtual Services, with Integrity, to Meet Your Business Service Need(s).

#2 – Empowering Disabled Professionals & Mothers of Disabled Children to Work from Home.



We Are Pleased & Honored to Announce that TAMMY was Requested to Mentor on the eMENTOR  Military Veterans’ Entrepreneur Platform – HELPING VETS TO BEGIN THEIR JOURNEY INTO ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Tammy has been Mentoring Vet’s since 2017


Freelance University Mentor - Tammy S. Durden

Tammy is honored to also be a Mentor with Freelance University – the #1 Freelancer’s Training Platform!


We Team Up with Others as Well:

We have partnered with Virginia Department of Rehabilitation(DARS), as well as the Department of Blind and Visually Impaired(DBVI); and are currently working to partner with Veteran’s groups to provide work for disabled veterans, to help us find and empower disabled professionals of the highest caliber who are ready, equipped and excited about working with you.

Our professionals (disabled or not) are highly motivated, very skilled and well educated with a genuine desire to assist you, our client . Many of our Team have Certifications & Degrees in Social Media, Internet Marketing, Product Launch, Graphic Design & more; as well as, AA’s, Bachelor’s & Master’s Degrees.


Our passion for helping you in your business is very genuine, and we consider it an honor to serve you.  We are loyal to You and honest in our desire to help your company grow.

Testimonials for Tammysoffices.com

“Tammy & her team are amazing…” says Heather Todd

“…Tammy and her Team have a clear understanding of the industry.  I highly recommend her.”  says Paula Okonneh 

These are just a couple of our client comments, see more here.

To See ALL SERVICES We Offer Please Click Here 

Using Our Services Truly Helps to Empower the Disabled Community and Gives You Superior Virtual Services as well!

Tammy S. Durden Founder of Tammys Office Solutions

Tammy Durden

Founder & Chief Virtual Professional

My Experience: 

I have over 30 years of business experience, from my former ‘Corporate Life’ to my current business.  I have developed, trained and learned numerous skills that allow our Company to provide amazing services for you.  I and my Team continue to update our skills and education regularly to stay on top of trends, the latest software, as well as, provide the best services that you may need.

My History includes:

Accounting, Bookkeeping, Consulting (Business & Mindset through a Spiritual Heart), Marketing:  Digital – Content  – Curated & Created, Content Calendar, Social Media Posts & Scheduling, Email Marketing, Blogs| Print – business cards, flyers, posters, banners|Project Management|Retail Management|Writing – Articles, Blogs, Content and more.

I grew up in an Entrepreneurial home so it is no surprise that I have become a business owner myself.  As important as owning a business is in my life, I am even more excited that we can support a cause, not just a business.

On the rare occasions of free time, I enjoy spending it with my family, including my husband Eric & 3 grown children [Matthew & wife Alyssa, Samantha & husband Nate, & Jonathan], as well as, our amazing grandchildren (3 at this writing).  

Other enjoyments include sitting on the beach, reading, writing, teaching, Bible studies, and scrapbooking pictures of our family.

Meet Tammy’s Team

I am a little prejudice, but I think we have one of the best teams of highly skilled & creative individuals.  I am grateful for each one of them and I can honestly say that each one has made an impact on my life for the better.

Let me introduce you… 


Amy is our Resident Kajabi, Infusionsoft, and ActiveCampaign Specialist. She is also talented with Landing Pages, Email Marketing, Proofreading, formatting and setting up Blog posts & Newsletters to WordPress, Squarespace & Wix.

Infusionsoft Foundations Certificate

Graphic Design Foundations Certificate

eCommerce Support Specialist Certificate

Tammys Team - Brandy Bock


We are very Proud of Brandy as she has served our Country (U.S.) and is an Honored & Decorated Veteran, of the U.S. Army. We are truly blessed to have her on our Team!

Brandy is skilled in Accounting QuickBooks, Medical & General Transcription.  She is also a Certified Project Management Specialist.

Brandy is also a #1 Customer Support Specialist, skilled in Virtual Administrative & Travel Specialist, CRM, Writing, Calendar Management, Email Management and more.

Project Management Certification Earned - Brandy Bock

Project Management Specialist Certificate


Roz has over 20 Years’ experience working with small and large nonprofits. She’s been a Virtual Office Assistant for almost 10 years, working with clients to create strategic social media plans, introducing clients to online social networking and assisting with other small business services such as document preparation, proofreading, technical writing, and digital marketing.

Roz holds a Bachelor of Science and a Masters Degree. Yet she is always learning and is a member or a large, vibrant online eLearning community and continuing to take online coursework. She is very much a life long learner.


  • Virtual Assistant 101
  • Social Media Manager Certification
  • Graphic Design Foundations Certification
  • Design Online Newsletters
  • Mastering MailChimp
  • Trello Project Management App
  • Canva for Work App

Graphic Design Foundations Certificate

Social Media Manager Certificate

Samantha Durden - Tammysoffices


She is a whiz at Social Media Management and Administrative Work.  She is always eager to Help You, our Client.  Samantha is wonderful at pulling Curating Content together for Your Ideal Client, Scheduling Content and Managing a Content Calendar with ease.  We are fortunate to have her on our team.

Samantha is married to her husband, Nate and they have a new daughter!

Tammy's Team - Sophia Owens


Sophia is a Photographer and Graphic Artist and we so excited to have her join our Team. She has multiple areas of education, continuing education, and certifications including:

  • BA in Anthropology and film (2008)
  • 2018 – B-School / Marie Forleo International – Trained in effective online marketing strategies for online presence.
  • 2015 – Blogging Your Way: Workshop on Social Media Marketing and Branding for small business.
  • 2013 – Creative Life: Intensive course on Studio Portraiture, Editing, and Brand Marketing with Sue Bryce.
  • 2011 – International Center of Photography NYC: Advanced Studio Lighting. 

Reputation Matters

TAMMY’S OFFICE SOLUTIONS has an exceptional reputation for providing a tailored approach for our clients. [Please see our Testimonials] We keep all of our client’s information confidential and have the highest integrity while providing you with the best quality, at reasonable pricing.

More Awards & Certifications

Internet Marketing Certification - Tammys Office Solutions

Internet Marketing Certificate

Social Media Specialist Certified

Social Media Specialist Certificate

Social Media Certification - tammysoffices

Graphic Design Foundations Certificate

Product Launch VA Certification

Product Launch Certificate

eCommerce Certified

eCommerce Support Specialist Certificate


FreshBooks Certified Bookkeeper

Recognition & Awards 

Marquis Who's Who - Tammysoffices listed again

Marquis Who’s Who

eWomenNetwork Board Member
Served on the Board

National Association of  Professional Women

We Are Virtual Assistants

Tammy is a member of  Stanford’s Who’s Who, International Who’s Who, Marquis Who’s Who 2017-2018

eWomenNetwork We Are Virtual Assistants and the National Association of Professional Women; VA to VA Mastermind LIVE

 *Using the term ‘Disabled’ is not meant to offend or harm anyone, it is with great respect I use this term, as I am also ‘Disabled’.  Our passion, aside from truly helping our clients succeed, is to help disabled professionals to work from home.  Most of our Team is made up of Disabled Professionals or Mothers of Disabled Children.  Most of our professionals have Accreditations, Certifications, and Degrees (varying from AA to Master’s).  All are highly skilled, intelligent and worthy individuals whom I hold in the highest respect and regard.  This is not to say that all of our team is disabled, as we do not discriminate between the two, it only means as much as we are able we do add disabled professionals to our team.

See the Variety of Budget-Friendly Packages We Offer to Meet Your Needs.

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