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More Importantly WHY Do We Do What We Do?

We take a personal interest in helping you to be seen & known online! Our Team loves helping you with your marketing.  Digital Marketing is all about visibility online.  Visibility of your brand and increasing your brand awareness.

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Tammy has been featured on SCORE Webinars teaching others about Outsourcing & Ways to Utilize a Virtual Assistant.

My Personal Journey to Entrepreneurship

When Life Changes...

When your life changes...

you can either become angry and bitter or you can CHOOSE to keep going and create something different & wonderful.

My name is Tammy, and this is exactly where I found myself so many years ago. After being hospitalized, very ill, and unable to walk. It took 7 doctors and just as many hospitals to finally be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.    I had to CHOOSE my response to this disease and my family’s ‘New Normal’ (as we called it).

A few years later (& adding another diagnosis – Lupus) I began to realize that I could no longer continue to work outside of our home. 

That is when I began to see the mission God had invited me to be a part of and continues today.

I love to Bring Awareness to the Horribly High Unemployment Rates for DisABLED Professionals.  We also prove to businesses every day the abilities & skills of our team (disabled & non-disabled).


Tammy - disable business woman - tammysoffices


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  1. The Unemployment Rate in our Country (U.S.) for disabled professionals is significantly higher than the average population?  
  2. The Blind or Visually Impaired have an unemployment rate that is over 90%!

That is Unacceptable I Cried!

That is when I knew I needed to do business much differently.

That is WHY our Mission and way of doing business is very different. 


We work to help empower disabled professionals to work from their homes.  We also began to contract mothers’ of disabled children who needed to work from home.

Our Core Values

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Tammy also writes articles on Medium, a well known online magazine.


Our Clients:

To Provide Extraordinary Services for you that are reliable, honest and at a fair rate.  Our Team goes above and beyond to not only meet your need, but to begin to anticipate what your needs are as we partner together.

We have been doing this for nearly 12 years and have Social Media Management down to a science.  If you let us help your digital marketing you will be getting a great team and helping the disabled community.

Our Team:

The other part of our mission is to empower disabled professionals and Moms’ of disabled children to work from home.  We do not discriminate and contract with ‘able’ and ‘disabled’. As much as possible we try to help the disabled community.

It always amazes me to see people grow in confidence and self-worth through working and providing for themselves. Many of whom have degrees, Master’s degrees and Certifications, but have not been given the opportunity to shine through working.


Founder & CEO

Hi, Yes, this is the real me (on the right) and I am so glad you stopped by to hear more about our story. 

Prior to starting our company, I had experience in Accounting, Retail Management,  Administrative, Leadership, Teaching, Ministry, Counseling (Women, Families & Teens), Mentoring and Coaching to name a few.

I Love what we do and how we help you, our client base.  You are the Best!

Tammy S Durden - Founder & CEO of Tammys Office Solutions


I may be a little biased, but I think we have the most wonderful clients and of course the best team around. I search carefully for skilled, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable individuals to add to our team. Most importantly, however, I value honesty and integrity in our team. 

Amy - Tammys team

Amy Reitsma

Amy is our resident Specialist in Kajabi, Infusionsoft and ActiveCampaign. She is also talented with Landing Pages, Email Marketing, Proofreading, formatting and setting up Blog Posts & Newsletters in WordPress, Squarespace & Wix.


Nick Wommack - Tammys Office Solutions - tammysoffices team

Nick Wommack

Nick is a recent graduate of NC State University with a Marketing Degree. He has experience in multiple areas. He is an especially gifted writer on our team.


Samantha - Tammys Team

Samantha Shields

Samantha is a Social Media Whiz. She helps our clients with Social Media Management and Content. Samantha continues to educate on the nuances of the always changing social media world to keep up with current best practices.

Samantha is married to her husband, Nate and they have a young daughter.


sofia owen - tammys team

Sofia Owen

Sofia is a Photographer and Graphic Artist. We are excited to have her join our Team.  She has already helped our clients with Logos and PR Kits.  Sofia is very talented and we are happy to be able to offer this added service at such reasonable rates for our clients.  She is an added blessing to our team.


Additional Awards, Certifications, & Organizations

Freelance University Mentor - Tammy S. Durden
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