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Written by Tammy Durden
Social Media Workbook from Tammy S. Durden - TammysOffices

Have you ever wanted a tool, book or workbook that tells you exactly what to do on your social media platforms? Guess what? I just finished up a Workbook just like that for you. It is called: “Social Media: Engage & Respond Workbook”. Finally, a tool that walks you through each platform and helps you know how to respond and engage with your audience. This workbook – yes I said workbook – yod individually as a business owner OR with your team! This Social Media Workbook is like nothing else out there.

Social Media Forms

You will find amazing resources in this Social Media Workbook. Within the two appendices, you will find forms and worksheets that will help guide you into the right conversations and responses to different types of online engagement. The Workbook is overflowing with these for you and it can be used for your business and/or team.

What Others Are Saying

Of course, you know I love feedback! And .you do not have to take just my opinion as you see below the great feedback. So please check out the new workbook and let me know what you think. So far I’ve had amazing reviews including this one:

“I just downloaded your Social Media Management workbook and the Branding For Small Business book that appeared on the same page. They are both impressive works offering lots of useful, actionable, information. Thank you.” 

Stephen B. Henry

This eWorkbook includes:

  • A Checklist For Each Platform
  • Options for Scripted Responses
  • Quiz to Determine Your Need
  • Content Calendar Template
  • Created & Curated Chart
  • Plus So Much More…

Go to

And Download it Now

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