Wendy Dickinson

“I have worked with Tammy and her team for several years. TOS has been with me every step of the way – providing excellent support, creative solutions to marketing, as well as branding recommendations that are aligned with my services.
Each team member has delivered professional, prompt and efficient services each and every time! I highly recommend Tammy’s Office Solutions to anyone hoping to grow their businesses.”
Google Review - Ascend Coaching Solutions - Wendy

Mindy Clark Rowland


Tammy provides professional, quick and courteous support. She learns your process and becomes an extension of your company to assist with workload. I would recommend Tammy’s Office Solutions to anyone in need of additional support without all the overhead of hiring a new employee.

Dr. Anthony Ponceti

“I strongly recommend Tammy as a roll model for a virtual assistant. Her heart for her friends and clients is obvious. She is patient and accomplished office manager and you will find her personal testimony a great blessing. Get to know her and your life, your business and your outlook for others will certainly be renewed and rewarded.”

Industrial Maintenance Services


“Thanks Tammy. Josh did a great job for us and I just want you to know how much I appreciate all the planning and extra effort put in by you and your company to help us out with this bid”.

Thank you again for a job well done,

Tammy Wiles, Estimating Department Manager
Industrial Maintenance Services, Inc., Michigan Office

VA Sports Management – Evelyn Johnson

1. Why did you hire Tammy’s Office Solutions?
I hired Tammy’s Office Solutions to assist with getting my business organized and structured to move to the next level of the start up phase.

2. What makes Tammy’s different?
Do to the fact that I have never worked with an virtual assistant, I have no direct experience working with any others, but my experience with Tammy’s Virtual Office Assistance has been phenomenal, her attention to detail, and ability to anticipate my needs is the best part of our relationship.  I am able to work on multiple areas of my job with the assistance of an Administrative Assistance who understands the company direction and has become a valued part of the team.

3. What types of services does she take care of for you? (like – admin, graphics, creative flyers, brochures, etc…)?
The services Tammy provide begin with a thorough “staff meetings” to discuss the “To do List” then from there it can vary from typing, creating databases, creating brochures or flyers, to reviewing documents, monitoring social media, and working with other contractors.  The services Tammy Office Solutions provide are valuable, and affordable.

4. What is ONE word that would describe Tammy?

Dennis Thorgesen of Lisech

“Tammy is one of the most well-rounded company helpers I have ever met. Her virtual services are like having your own office. If you need something she will either do it or find a professional who can. She has worked on projects for our companies for over a year.”

Time Melts Away Too Quickly

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